VIDEO: Strength Training to Beat Diabetes?

VIDEO: Strength Training to Beat Diabetes? This is not new to many of you I am sure.  Weight training isn’t the only way to build your strength – there are many other types of strength training or

Diet Plan to Lose Weight

In this article, Diet Plan to Lose Weight, we will cover some of the best practices to adopt if you only want to do dieting to lose weight but nothing else.  Let me remind you again –

Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Fastest Way to Lose Weight? Is that even possible?  A lot of people will tell you yes there is.  Many have also managed to lose weight or lose fat, the faster way…. but the fastest way?  While

VIDEO: Building Muscles Good for Losing Weight

This video is not about building muscles but it’s close… it’s about eating the right foods to build muscles.  Okay – so what you might say?  It is a really big deal if you want to lose

VIDEO: How To Do Squats Properly

Have a look at this video from FitSugarTv to give you some ideas on how to perform your squats correctly. If you think that squatting will only build your thighs and leg muscles, you are absolutely…. wrong.

What Are the Best Body Weight Exercises?

The Best Body Weight Exercises I remember when I was just starting Primary School, I was starting to become interested in why some people were more muscular than others.  Some of my uncles and aunties were skinny,

Are You Eating Right To Lose Weight?

If you come to our website looking for weight loss advice and tips – congratulations you have come to the right place!  If you are like me and most people that I know, you probably feel intimidated

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